Thursday, December 18th, 2014

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Venice is located in northern Italy and serves as the capital of the region called Veneto.  Known (and loved) by many names, Venice has been called the “City of Bridges”, “The Amsterdam of the South”, “City of Canals”, “City of Water along with many others.  More importantly, Venice has been named one of the most romantic cites in all of Europe.

Venice Italy Real EstateVenice has a population of a little more than 270,000 residents, and is combined with nearby Padua for the Padua-Venice metropolitan area giving it a combined metro area population of approximately 1.6 million persons.  Other nearby towns in Veneto include Verona, and Treviso. Tourism plays a vital role in the Venetian local economy with more than 50,000 tourists a day visiting the city.  Art is at the center of much of the appeal of Venice, and its glass making, and textile industries are among the best in the entire world.

Venice Homes

Venice HomesMany person’s dream is owning an Italian villa on the waterway in Venice. And combined with popular areas such as the Grand Canal and the Rialto only further increase demand on this popular housing market. As such, buying a luxury Venice home can become quite expensive with prices going into the many millions of euros. There is a less expensive alternative; there are many very nice Venice apartments for sale that can be purchased as cheaply as a few hundred thousand euros.

Padua Italy Real Estate

Padua Real EstateThe nearby Padua real estate market also has many homes for sale that can be attractive and potentially more affordable than Venice – along with Treviso and Verona. These close alternatives can provide persons an attractive option for those that would like live in this region, while not being the in heart of thousands of tourists visiting each day.